With UserStore, you can start registering and authenticating users in just a few hours.

We'll handle user authentication for you.

Leave it to us to securely handle user registration and authentication so you can focus on other things.


Manage, track, and support your users with our management dashboard.

Enable your team to monitor and support your users from day one.


Implement in hours, not weeks.

Using our UserStore.js widget, you can quickly have your authentication flows (sign in, sign out, and password management) set up in just hours. View documentation.

<!-- include script -->
<script src="https://api.userstore.io/1/js"
<!-- render sign up widget -->
  window.onload = function() {
      container: 'signup-container'
Customizable Widget

Customize the look and feel of our drop-in widget for your registration and password retrieval workflows.

Security Workflows

Our drop-in widget can get set up your sign in, sign out, forgot password, and reset password flows quickly and securely.

User Management

Manage and support your users with our management dashboard.

Customizable Emails

Customize your registration and security workflow emails.

Analytics and Tracking

Useful analytics allows you to see how well you're acquiring users. Monitoring user activity can help you understand their behavior.

Simple and Secure API

Our secure and simple API allows you to authenticate and access your users with any device or cloud.